Meet The Team!

Ryan Holdsworth – Lead Developer

Hi I’m Ryan. I’m a programmer with a degree in computer science and six years of coding experience in a multitude of languages.
We decided to create UltiSniper after seeing the power of bots within the blockchain. We realised that individuals with the knowledge and capability of creating meaningful and useful tools within the crypto-space without fail, always hide their ideas, simply because they’re driven by money and nothing else. They’re unable to see the long-term impacts of their (selfish) work.
We want to flip everything around. Our aim is to revolutionise the blockchain by creating meaningful and profitable projects while creating awareness to give even the casual Joe, a place within the Crypto market.
As a group of Individuals with a collective-decade of programming experience, my team and I have big aspirations and our BSC bot development is just the start.
If you want to know more about how our bot works, click the how it works button.

Josh H – FrontEnd Developer / Community Lead

Ryan and I have been friends ever since we met at University. We studied together and have been blockchain enthusiasts for a long time.
After working on a number of group projects together within our educational institute, we realised we realised our natural connection and that we had the potential to collaborate to make change within the space.
We believe in blockchain technology and have realised that in order for it to reach mass-scale adoption, the general public must have a positive view on it. That’s a hard task to accomplish, as people are losing money every single day in the space, before ultimately losing faith. If this continues, Crypto will never achieve the highs it is capable of.
Ultimately, we want everyone in the space to stand a fair chance. We want to educate and give everyone the opportunity to understand the technology and earn profit while doing so. The way to do that is to publicise the information which blockchain developers have spent years hiding.