Frequently Asked Questions

The function of the Ulti Sniper Bot is to ‘snipe’ tokens which been newly been launched into presale, or added to PancakeSwap for trading. 

The benefit of sniping and the reason why it’s so profitable is that sniping allows you to buy a token before anyone else, meaning you get it at the lowest price, therefore making more profit than anyone who buys later.

The UltiSniper bot also allows you to sell instantly, without the delays you see on Pancakeswap, meaning if a token you’re in is dipping, you can sell and get out before anyone else even knows what’s going on.

The bot works by scanning the blockchain for all pending transactions involved in the contract address of your chosen token. The bot then filters these transactions, looking for the ‘liquidity add’ transaction, which is what the developers of the token use to list the token on Pancakeswap. The bot then places your chosen amount of buy orders in the same block as the pending liquidity add transaction, meaning as soon as it goes through, the buy orders will too, almost instantaneously.

You can read more about how the bot works here.

We’re a small group of friends who met on a Discord trading group. Over the past year, we’ve been scammed, rugged and honey-potted plenty of times.

Eventually, we decided we’d had enough of it. We knew it would be possible to create a bot, as a couple of us have programming-based backgrounds.

We set out to create the Ultimate PancakeSwap sniping bot. Five months and a lot of hard work later, here we are, willing to share this with a small number of others, as we know we’re not the only ones who have lost money in crypto.

The reason why we’re sharing the bot for sale is because we need feedback. All of us work full time, which means we don’t get a lot of free time to test the bot, meaning even less time for  to further develop and perfect it.

As such, we’re releasing a limited amount of copies of the bot and only ask that you provide feedback on launches such as, how well they worked, or didn’t work and the amount of profit you made, so that we can focus  on further improvements and features to the bot. In return, our promise to you is that all future updates will be free.


We’re perfectionists, meaning we’re committed to making our bots the best they can be.

When our updates go live, you’ll receive an email from us to let you know. All you’ll need to do is log in, head to your account page and download your newly updated files.

The basic version of the bot is complete, meaning it won’t be receiving any updates. The pro version is constantly being worked on and updated to improve functionality and features.

The UltiSniper Pro version is vastly superior to the basic version. It’s definitely worth the extra money. 

Here are just a few of the extra features:

  • While the Basic Sniper is limited to a single buy, the pro version is limitless. You could even set it to buy 1000 times, if you wanted to.
  • Ability to snipe DXSale Launches
  • Ability to snipe UniCrypt launches.
  • Ability to buy any live token
  • Ability to snipe any pre-sale
  • Free updates forever.

The Ulti Sniper Bot is superior to ANY other sniping bot out there.

Take the Poocoin or Bogged snipers for example. They work by submitting buy orders on the token prior to it’s launch, so that when it does launch, the buy order is submitted and your tokens are received. These snipers are ‘gated’ meaning, they work on a priority based system. People who hold more Poocoin or Bogged tokens will take priority over others, leaving everyone else in the dust. As well as that, the bots are not as complex as mine, meaning their buys are much slower.

UltiSniper Unique Features:

  • Connects directly to the blockchain and Front Runs meaning this bot is faster and will buy before any other bot.
  • Automatically sets gas fees at the perfect price for the speed.
  • Almost completely negates slippage, as it buys first, before the price has a chance to increase.
  • Approves your chosen token automatically, meaning you can instantly sell after receiving your tokens.
  • The UltiSniper Pro bot is faster than any other sniping bot. It’s guaranteed to be the first transaction in any purchase.

Our UltiSniper bots are designed with user simplicity in mind. The interface is very easy to use and our detailed instructions are simple to follow.

If you do struggle with installation of the bot, for whatever reason, our team is here to help.

Contact us via our live chat or Telegram and we’ll arrange for a member of the team to guide you through installation via messaging, phone call, or screen-sharing.

The bot is coded on javascript, meaning it’s completely transparent. You can see everything the bot is doing at all times.

In terms of legality, we’re not doing anything wrong. All we’re doing is buying a token before anyone else can, with a small advantage. 😉 

Our intention with this project is not to scam anyone. The whole reason we’re selling the bot is to speed-up the creation of the perfect bot.

The bot has already been in development for months. We’ve been inviting people in wave-by-wave to test our new features and help to achieve our community goal. Now’s your chance.

With more people testing the bot on launches, we’ll  have more feedback to test the bot and perfect it/add new features. It’s essentially a give and take situation.

The ‘How It Works’ section contains video demonstrations, showing the bot is real and actually works.

If you’ve been tracking the website for a while, you’ll know that we’re constantly updating it, while maintaining the development of the bot. This amount of effort should show you that we’re not in this for a quick buck.

If you’re still worried, send us a message on Telegram and we’ll be happy to arrange a video consultation, showing you how the bot works before you buy.

Sure you can! Click our Youtube link at the bottom of this page to be redirected to our Youtube channel. We have just uploaded a few video demonstrations, showing you the bot in action.

As well as that, if you head to our “how it works” page, you can see some of our uploaded video demonstrations.

You could also contact us via our form, or through our live chat to arrange a free video consultation on the bot.

Unfortunately, a trial is not something we plan on offering.

We feel we’ve shown that the bot works through our demonstration videos and the effort put into our design.

Our licenses are selling out fast and once they’re all sold, we won’t add any more.

Please take a minute to watch our videos, ask us if you have any questions and don’t miss out!