How it Works!


  • Once you pay for your bot, you’ll receive your download files along with a PDF instruction booklet for the bot.
  • Simply follow the instructions to set up the bot.
  • Once the bot has been set up, you now have the biggest advantage possible over everyone else on the market.
  • The bot allows you to buy first and ensures that your transactions will never fail, meaning you’ll have the most profit possible.

Install the Bot

Install the Bot using our comprehensive Instruction Booklet in which all instructions written to use this bot

Configure your wallet

Enter the address of your new wallet along with the details of the token you want to snipe

Let The Bot Run

Start the bot, sit back and relax while waiting for your profits.

Take Your Profits

Watch the charts and sell your tokens whenever you want for massive profits.

How Does the Bot Benefit Me?

  1. The bot completely bypasses the platform you’re trading on, PancakeSwap, Poocoin etc. This makes the bot over 15 times faster at executing trades, than any other normal trader, meaning the time it takes for you to submit your order and receive your tokens is almost instantaneous.
    • This means you have a better entry than any other normal buyer. You’ll be in first.
    • The speed of the bot means that all non-tax slippage is ignored, so you’re getting in at the cheapest price.
    • Your transactions won’t fail, meaning you don’t have to panic and miss out on a new launch.
    • The speed of the bot means there’s no delay with buying and selling. You can get in and out in seconds (Extremely useful for Pump & Dumps).
    • All of the above shows that you’ll be able to maximise your profits, while relaxing. The bot makes every trade easy.
  2. Have you ever wondered why hyped presales fill up within seconds after being launched? That’s because of private bots, programmed to purchase instantly. Our bot makes this feature available to you, making sure you never miss a presale.
    • This allows you to either dump your tokens on launch for profit or hold them for insane gains, in a situation where if you didn’t use our bot, you wouldn’t have gotten into the presale in the first place.
  3. Completely Safe
    • Your bot files are stored safely, locally. The only server connection experienced through the bot is API data and connection to the blockchain.
    • Your wallet seed is kept on your computer/laptop and is inaccessible to anyone else. All the code used in our bot is openly accessible for you to read through and verify, prior to use. 

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How It Works - In Depth

  • We connect our bot to the blockchain using our own private node. A private node is essentially a server which can carry out the functions of our bot on a massive scale. The node can send up to 10,000 transactions per second.
  • Being connected to a private node enables our bot to send “calls” to the blockchain, which can be defined as searches or queries.
  • The bot scours the entire blockchain and filters what it finds to only include transactions involving the contract address of the token we want to snipe. In particular, the bot searches for a liquidity addition transaction. 
  • The “liquidity addition” transaction is a transaction which the developers of the token must carry out in order to make the token tradeable on the market. The liquidity addition transaction is always the first transaction and is in order to allow a token to be bought and sold on the market.
  • Once the bot detects the liquidity addition transaction in its pending phase, the bot places a buy order (or several depending on your settings) in the same ‘block’ as the developer’s transaction. The fact that our buy transaction is in the same block, but only slightly behind the developer transaction means that we can buy almost instantaneously. No other commercially available bot is capable of this.
  • We can either set the bot to sell instantly or set the bot to not sell, meaning we can still ‘diamond hand’ for profit.
  • In the case of a presale, the bot functions differently. Rather than searching for a liquidity injection transaction from the developers, the bot instead has to search for a transaction involving the listing of our targeted presale. Within this transaction, a ‘solidity countdown’ is programmed. The bot decodes this ‘solidity countdown’ and converts it to a timer.
  • Once the timer is complete, the bot calculates the optimal gas price and gas limit to use in order to make a successful buy, before firing several buy transactions all within the same block.
  • Our aim with this project is to be as transparent as possible with all our investors. If you’d like to take this one step further and fully comprehend the complexity of our bot , please contact the team on Telegram and we’ll be happy to arrange a call to explain everything step-by-step, in the simplest form.

Video Demonstrations