UltiSniper Pro

The UltiSniper Pro bot is all you'll ever need to snipe any token you'd like on the Binance Smart Chain for insane profits.

What Does It Include?

The purchase includes the UltiSniper Pro installation files plus a comprehensive instruction booklet to get you sniping in no time!

How It Works

Step One

Purchase the bot and download your files. Open the instruction booklet and follow the steps.

Step Two

Find a project you'd like to snipe and enter the details into the bot interface.

Step Three

Let the bot connect to the blockchain and snipe your chosen token. Sit back, relax and enjoy your profits as they come in.


UltiSniper Pro

The UltiSniper Pro bot is all you'll ever need to snipe any token you'd like on the Binance Smart Chain.


$ 849.99


Frequently Asked Questions

The reason why our Pro bot is so good is that it has so many different functionalities (modes), all designed around ensuring your buy transactions go through first, before anyone else’s, resulting in massive profits.

Bot Modes:

Mode 1 – Used to snipe to PancakeSwap which previously held presales on DXSale or Unicrypt.

Mode 2 – Used to snipe Fair Launch tokens (Insane rewards for buying in first)

Mode 3 – Used to buy into and front run launched tokens (Useful for buying in first on pump & dumps and selling at the top)

Mode 4 – Used to approve your chosen token (a niche function which approves tokens much faster than on Pancakeswap)

Mode 5 – Used to sell a token instantly, with no delays (Allows you to sell at the top, with no slippage)

Mode 6 – Used to buy and approve a token (The bot buys the token and approves it, giving you  full control of when you sell)

Mode 7 – used to snipe presales as soon as they start, meaning you can’t miss out. (PreSale Bot is included as a separate download file)

The UltiSniper Pro bot offers several different capabilities including presale sniping, fair launch sniping, DXsales sniping and Unicrypt launches all in one.

UltiSniper Pro is currently the only bot available with Front Running capabilities. 

Front Running is the process of placing buy/sell orders with priority in front of pending buys/sells from other people. Front Running is especially useful in Pump & Dumps, as it means you’ll always be the first buyer at the bottom of the pump and the first seller at the very start of the dump, resulting in massive gains.


The UltiSniper Pro bot comes with all the features of the Lite version plus many more functionalities.

You can snipe any presale, DXsale, Unicrypt, or PancakeSwap launch with the pro bot, with many more options to be added soon.

Do you recall a time when a new token was launched and when you tried to buy it, your transaction failed? The UltiSniper Pro bot will stop that from ever happening again.

The Lite version is limited in many respects, whereas the pro version is not – meaning bigger profits.

With only a 100$ premium, it makes sense to go for the Pro version.

We’re committed to creating the perfect bot and are working every day to add new features while also improving existing features to hit our end goal.

When a new update is released, you’ll be notified via email. You’ll be able to download your updated files from the downloads section of your account page free of charge.

This is an insanely profitable program, which gives you all the tools to allow you to be the first person to buy into any token, allowing you to sell for a big profit.

The price of the bot is set to reflect the amount of gains you’ll make with the bot. If we set the price too low, then every single person would have access to the bot!

This is an exclusive product and we guarantee you’ll make your money back in no time!