Pro Update Log

21st July 2021 - Hotfix

  • Temporary fix put in place for 'auto approve' function

1st July 2021 - Version 1.2

  • Instant approve and sell function

  • Pro now supports sniping with multiple wallets

  • Standalone Unicrypt Sniper released

  • Further improvements made to presale sniping success rate

  • Minor improvements and fixes to counter-anti bot system

24th June 2021 - Presale Hotfix

  • Fixed an issue which caused the bot to miss-fire on certain presales.

18th June 2021 Version 1.1

  • Pro bot is now able to snipe presales

  • Added function to allow bot to snipe Yellow Road ICO presales

  • Holding of UNCL token is no longer needed to snipe Unicrypt Presales

  • Transaction limit removed. Bot is now able to send unlimited transactions

  • New Anti-Bot mode released

6th June 2021- Version 1.0

  • Bot is now able to snipe presale launches

  • Perfecting DXSale launch sniping

  • Improved Unicrypt sniping capabilities

  • Ability to send up to 15 buy transactions at once

  • Further Counter-Anti-Bot development

23rd May 2021 - PreRelease

  • Reduced requirement for manual input to the bot.

  • Improved user interface to make usage simpler

  • Added option to snipe Unicrypt launches

  • Ability to send up to 8 buy transactions